Getting Started

Arundel Psychological offers very competitive fees for service. Compared with other local practices, our rates are well within the norm for the area. Credit card payments are available. From the moment you begin, Arundel Psychological begins to work for you.  Begin your journey toward happiness and make life rewarding and worthwhile.  

Learn About Your Insurance Benefits:  Insurance benefits are very important for individuals/families seeking mental health services. Our clients often receive substantial insurance reimbursements to help with costs.  Before beginning treatment, completely understand your insurance benefits and how they help with costs. All paperwork necessary to authorize treatment is completed for you.  You insurance claims are generated by our business office and all you need to do is sign the papers and allow us to mail them for you. 


Use the Worksheet to contact your insurance company and learn all the information you need to know before beginning. Easily understood directions will lead you through the various questions.  Steve can be reached at 410-299-5766 if you need any additional assistance.  

When clients begin we always want them to understand what they should expect from us in helping them achieve their goals.  The following policy statement should be reviewed and signed for your first visit. 

All information shared with Arundel Psychological is confidential and will never be released without your consent.  The health information form should be reviewed and signed when starting.