Arundel Psychological Associates has excellent staff members who can determine the reasons why your child might be struggling and more importantly what can be done to help them achieve up to their potential.  With years of experience in assisting children learn, strategies can be put in place that allow your child to take part in school and perform successfully.  Please feel free to consult with our staff to begin understanding how to help your child achieve success!

APA has many talented and extensively trained professionals who offer a broad set of skills in the areas of academic assessments and learning, emotional, and neuropsychological evaluations.  Most of our clinical staff has extensive school based experience and have unique knowledge of school systems (public and private) which allows us to the most comprehensive understanding of the IEP process, 504 plans, and instructional accommodations. We work collaboratively with students, families, teachers, physicians, and psychiatrists to meet the learning, emotional, and behavioral needs of children and adults.  We understand the developmental expectations, as well as the full range of disabilities and cognitive strengths,  unique to students preschool through college as well as strategies and recommendations that are both realistic and e ffective.

Dr. Pauline Prince is a licensed psychologist and also a board certified neuropsychologist. These unique skills allow her to conduct comprehensive evaluations of the most complex diagnostic cases. Robert Whitaker has not only advanced training in school neuropsychology but also expertise working with the hearing impaired/deaf population.  Lisa Grant also has advanced training in school neuropsychology.  She is a published author and is thought an expert in identifying Learning Disabilities using the most advanced knowledge of the field.  Danielle Rubinic, Lisa Stern and Julie Ayers are exceptional in conducting in-depth Psycho-Educational assessments.  Substance abuse screenings and assessments are provided by Mrs. Jean McCracken.   APA is committed to offering the highest quality of services.  Our evaluation services are  exception!”

Use the following worksheets to explore how your insurance benefits can help with these remarkable assessment opportunities.