Arundel Psychological provides excellent services to promote excellent mental health.  Not only do we help you identify the sources and issues of your stress and worry, we help you begin to tailor a personal model for how to confront them and overcome the negative effects on your life.  With planning and organized steps  you regain your sense of happiness and worth. 

The following services are available to assist you.    


Individual Psychotherapy: Group Therapy; Family Therapy; Marriage and Relationship Counseling; Separation/Divorce; Relaxation Training; Anxiety/Stress Management; Social Skills Training; Mindfulness.

Treating:   Depression; Anxiety; Mood; Trauma; Adjustment Disorders; Grief/Loss; Relationship Issues; Borderline; Oppositional Disorders; Education and Learning Disorders; Executive Functioning; ADHD; Sports Psychology and Performance Enhancement. 


Intelligence Testing; Achievement Testing; ADHD; Personality Testing; Executive Functioning;

Learning Disabilities; Concussion Screenings; Neuropsychological Assessment;  Substance Abuse Assessment