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Arundel Psychological Associates has professional staff with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences that permit us to best meet your needs. When you contact our practice, an initial interview helps us select one of our therapists with the knowledge, experience, and skills to address your concerns. Contact us to get started!

Steven Evans,  M.A. Psychology Associate

Steve is an award-winning School Psychologist and Psychology Associate at Arundel Psychological Associates.    Steve was the Maryland’s School Psychologist of the Year in 2007 and he was nominated for National School Psychologist of the Year in 2008.  He was selected as the 2013 Maryland Gazette’s Reader’s Choice Award in the field of psychology.  As a school psychologist Steve contributed greatly to program development and he was recognized for creating peer counseling programs at the middle and high school levels. Respected as an expert, he presented workshops and training videos on how to run effective group counseling programs. Steve is the Executive Director of Arundel Psychological Associates.  He works directly with children, teens and adults in psychotherapy.  Steve’s talents in psychotherapy include working with anxiety, depression, family relationships and he is excellent in helping children with challenging social/emotional behaviors.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the main orientation of his therapy.  He is knowledgeable  in Dialectical Behavior Therapy; Relaxation Training; Trauma; and Grief/Loss.  Many therapists are capable of helping clients identify the source of their irrational thinking and how to modify these perceptions, but Steve takes that further and helps clients identify the origins of these issues.  Once understood the client is much more self-aware and understanding of why irrational thoughts and beliefs continue in the present.  Steve is knowledgeable of Mindfulness practices and techniques.  Work with Steve as a teammate and begin to achieve your dreams and goals.   


  Julie Ayers, Ed.S., NSCP, Psychology Associate

Julie earned her Master of Education degree and Educational Specialist in School Psychology degree from the College of William and Mary in 1999 and 2000. Mrs. Ayers’ specialty areas include working with preschool and elementary age children and their families. She is very successful in assisting children and teens in overcoming feelings of anxiety and depression. Through evaluation, counseling, and consultation, Mrs. Ayers promotes emotional wellness and self-sufficiency for families and individuals.


  Lisa Stern, M.A./A.G.S, Psychology Associate

Lisa Stern, M.A./A.G.S. is a Psychology Associate and Certified School Psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, attention deficit disorder/executive function disorder and symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and the principles of Positive Psychology are utilized in the treatment of anxiety, depression, school refusal and obsessive-compulsive disorders. In addition, to therapeutic intervention, Ms. Stern is a skilled diagnostician specializing in the identification of learning disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Executive Function Disorder, Mood Disorders, and Autism Spectrum (ASD).

Ms. Stern is specially trained to administer the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) designated as the “gold standard” for diagnosis of ASD. Along with her 29 years of experience in the school system, Ms.Stern has assisted children, adolescents and adults manage symptoms of attention deficit disorder, executive dysfunction, emotional dysregulation, and learning challenges.
Ms. Stern holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from James Madison University. After completing a Masters Degree and Advanced Graduate Specialist Certificate in School Psychology at the University of Maryland College Park, Ms. Stern accepted the position of Certified School Psychologist for Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Annapolis, Maryland. Her roles in the school system include providing counseling services, disability identification, and behavioral supports for school aged children. She has worked extensively with children on the autism spectrum, children presenting challenges with behavior and executive functioning difficulties and other developmental disabilities. In addition to her continued work in the school system, Ms. Stern joined Arundel Psychological Associates in 2010.


  Dr. Virginia Dolan, Ed.D., NCSP, Psychology Associate

Dr. Dolan earned a BA from Boston College, an MA in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University, and an Ed. D in Counseling Research from the University of Rochester. Additional certification was earned in School Psychology from Alfred University, Educational Administration from Goucher College. Dr. Dolan is a Psychology Associate.

Dr. Dolan is a mother of three grown children and five grandchildren. Drawing upon these experiences and over thirty years in the education and mental health fields, she brings to the practice of psychology a wealth of experiences. She is a former educator/Special Educator and School Psychologist and currently the Coordinator of Behavioral Interventions and Supports for Anne Arundel County Schools where she also serves on the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports’ (PBIS) Maryland State Leadership Team. Formerly the Acting Coordinator of Psychological Services and former president of the Maryland School Psychology Association, Dr. Dolan was twice nominated as the Maryland School Psychologist of the Year. Her research interests have primarily been in the area of prosocial development and the role of empathy in social development, school discipline, and climate. Under her leadership, PBIS expanded into the implementation of multi-tiered systems of support throughout 80 schools in Anne Arundel. In this work, she has facilitated the development of supports for students’ behavioral challenges, following national and state policies, shifting the discipline paradigm from a punitive zero tolerance of exclusion to a proactive, positive, and supportive structure. Most recently, she has been instrumental in the initiation of Restorative Practices Anne Arundel County Public Schools as the lynch pin to close discipline gaps. Through Ginny’s leadership, Anne Arundel County Public Schools has partnered with universities, most especially Johns Hopkins University with many research projects with PBIS as the foundation, including MSD3, a school climate project for high schools, Project Target that studied the long term impact of PBIS on elementary schools, Double Check, a culturally responsive project to student discipline , and Coping Power, a project that studies intensive intervention for anxiety and aggression, all of which foster positive school climate and culture. Through the work with JHU and MDS 3 and Dr. Dolan’s leadership, Anne Arundel County has implemented the MDS 3 School Climate Survey system wide, grades 3-11, over the past 2 years.

Dr. Dolan has been in private practice for nearly fifteen years specializing in anxiety, depression, and mood disorders with children and adolescents. Over the past decade, she has focused her practice with adolescents, adults, and couples. She incorporates Mindfulness strategies, along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into her practice. Her clients express great satisfaction with their progress, often referring their family and friends to her practice. Dr. Dolan’s understanding of national and state policies of student behaviors, their social/emotional functioning, along with school discipline give her a broad perspective for working with students.


  Lindsay Roszell, LCSW-C

Lindsay Roszell is a licensed certified social worker clinical who enjoys working with children of all ages and their families. Her areas of expertise include anxiety, school avoidance, ADHD, depression, and various other behavioral and emotional disorders.

Lindsay has an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of New Hampshire and a Masters Degree in Social Work, with a focus on Families and Children. Her early professional experience included work in non-public schools, juvenile residential treatment centers, and hospitals. Lindsay’s past work in these environments allows her to assist children and adults who are experiencing emotional difficulties and disruptive behaviors. More recently, Lindsay worked as a school social worker in Anne Arundel County Public Schools creating and implementing behavior plans, providing individual and group counseling as well as social skills groups, staff trainings and consultations to school teams. Lindsay believes in the importance of the therapeutic relationship and works hard to establish and maintain the trust of those with whom she works. She incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and supportive therapy strategies into her practice and uses humor and genuine interactions with clients to promote positive relationships to work toward meaningful change.

   Richard Von Hagen, Ed.S, LCPC, NCSP

Richard earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina in Education. A Master’s degree in counseling was then obtained from Wake Forest University. Finally, Richard completed his Ed.S. in School Psychology from James Madison University. He began his career working with children and their families as a guidance counselor in the Virginia public school system. Richard has been an adjunct professor at Towson University. Most recently he received his Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor status. Specialty areas include working with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Richard has expertise working with children/adolescents experiencing difficulties with oppositional and challenging behavior patterns. Richard is skilled in psychological assessment, therapy and consultation with professionals in the community. His caring, gentle personality allows him to form bonds with his clients that promote growth and success.


Jerren Pellicano, LCSW-C

 Jerren earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Wesley College in 1993 and her Masters in Social Work from Bryn Mawr College in 1995. She was trained in the Philadelphia Child Guidance model of family therapy.

 Jerren has worked in various mental health and school settings over the past 20 years, including intensive day-treatment and partial-hospitalization programs, community mental health clinics, and outpatient centers. She has worked directly with children, adolescents and adults of all ages.   She has a particular interest in the developmental stages of life on peoples’ emotional and behavioral health. In addition, her work is often guided by systemic theory, which values the role of the individual in their respective family, couple, or organizational system.

 Jerren has worked with clients to address issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, sexuality, and adjustments to life stressors.  She utilizes cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral techniques, motivational interviewing, solution based brief therapeutic interventions, and often incorporates mindfulness practices in treatment.

 Jerren believes in partnering with her clients to achieve positive outcomes in treatment and beyond. She works from a strengths-based perspective to leverage each person’s individual uniqueness.   Jerren’s clients comment that her sense of humor and respectful interactions create a safe and optimal therapeutic environment for growth and change.



   Dr. Christa Kulp, NCSP, Psychology Associate

Dr. Kulp earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and Master of Science degree in education in School Psychology from Duquesne University. She earned her Doctoral degree in the field of school psychology from Duquesne University. Her research is in the area of bullying. She is a nationally certified school psychologist and has worked in the field of education previously as an early childhood teacher. She works currently as school psychologist for Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) and has practiced as a school psychologist in the since 2006. Specialty areas include working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, anxiety, depression and a variety of other mental health conditions. Dr. Kulp was a Maryland School Psychologist Association (MSPA) School Psychologist of the Year Nominee and was awarded the AACPS 2016 Outstanding Practitioner Award for a School Psychologist. Dr. Kulp enjoys working with children and their families. She will go the extra mile to ensure that children receive the best possible care.


   Andrea Alexander, M.A., LCPC

Andrea is a licensed clinical counselor in Maryland with a specialization in working with young adults and couples. Her training is in Family Systems Therapy, and she has been providing clinical services in several settings for over 30 years. In addition, Ms. Alexander has specialized in working with clients in the area of traumatic events and stressors. She is in the process of building her certification in Trauma-Informed care to ensure that regardless of the referring issues she is able to help all of clients identify and address issues related to past or current trauma.

Ms. Alexander works closely with her young adult clients to help them successfully transition from adolescents to adulthood, with the focus on developing skills to self-assess, identify goals and establish a path towards meeting those goals, often one small step at a time. With couples, the work begins by assessing the quality of and commitment to the relationship. If both clients want to continue, focus shifts to the identification of strengths and areas for improvement, priorities are establishes and a specific plan is put in place by the couple with the therapist.
Building communication skills, identifying expectations held by each partner, defining each persons’ priority needs/wishes and creating a safe place to share intimate details and feelings are all part of the process of healing and/or building intimate relationships. Ms. Alexander brings her experience to her clients to help them gain the skills to support their relationships and to experience a sense of control in their lives.

Before joining APA in 2010, Ms. Alexander worked for non-profits, county agencies and state agencies to improve the delivery of mental health services to youth and their families. She has hired, trained and coached many professionals in the programs she has planned and developed, and has broad knowledge of the public agencies that serve youth in Maryland. More recently, she worked for the State Department of Education, helping Maryland schools build a positive, rather than punitive, school climate. This included addressing bullying, substance abuse, school safety, using a behavioral approach, which resulted in the publication of two research articles. In intensive focus on behavioral interventions has enhanced her clinical work, as well.

Ms. Alexander comes from a strength-based approach to her clients which is engaging and allows her clients to feel connected. She uses her relationships with her clients to model positive relationships. Her ongoing professional development speaks to her commitment as a clinician. 

Dr. Laura Groft, Ph.D., NCSP, Licensed Psychologist

 Laura specializes in working with children, adolescents, and their families to facilitate positive change and growth.  She has much experience working with children who struggle to regulate their emotions and behaviors and are seen as oppositional, explosive, or defiant, causing difficulties at home and school.  Laura has worked extensively with children and adolescents with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, trauma and grief/loss experiences, depression, anxiety, and other social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.  Through patience, dedication, and skill, Laura collaborates with families and individuals to effect change and growth with the goal of improving relationships, as well as home and school functioning. Laura’s families appreciate her genuine empathy for what they are experiencing, strengths-based approach, and easy-going, approachable manner.

 When working with clients, Laura considers each family’s and individual’s needs and draws from research-based approaches using a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) framework.  Depending on the individual’s needs, Laura also incorporates components of play therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, and positive psychology, such as mindfulness.

Laura earned her doctorate degree from the University of Maryland (UMD) and has worked in public school systems in Maryland and Virginia since 2012.  She has co-authored articles and chapters in peer-reviewed journals and academic texts, and has worked as an adjunct instructor at UMD teaching and supervising advanced doctoral-level students in counseling.  She is also specially trained to administer the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) and has extensive experience assessing young children.   

Reading this is the first step to reaching out for support.  Laura looks forward to working with you as a team to help make the changes you’re looking for and deserve.