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Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis

Best Patient Practices when Coming for Visits

1.  If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not risk endanger the health of others by coming to the office in person.  Contact your therapist, cancel your in-person appointment and arrange ahead of time to meet through teletherapy.  

2.  When coming for appointments in person, it is wise to spend as little time as possible in the waiting room.  The waiting room has been rearranged to provide maximum space between clients.  It may be healthier to spend time in your vehicle or outdoors when waiting for a family member.  

3.  Therapists have been reminded about how to best keep their clients healthy.  Rooms are wiped down and cleaned on a daily basis.  Please plan on meeting your therapist directly at the designated office. Therapists have been coached to expect clients to come to their appointments exactly on time.  They are to end previous client's sessions slightly ahead of schedule so the new patient can walk directly from their car into the therapists office.

4.  Avoid handshakes or any physical exchanges between therapists and clients.  When sitting in session, select seating the maximizes your distance.  

5.  Since COVID-19 is primarily an airborne virus, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.  Wash your hands as often as possible during the day and avoid touching your face.  

6. Clients should explore the section below on how to set-up teletherapy/telepsychology sessions even if they do not "plan" on using it.  It is reasonably easy to arrange on your computer.  


When to Cancel an In-Person Appointment

If you have traveled internationally, traveled on any cruise ship.

If you have been exposed to anyone with Covid19 in the last 14 days.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below





Please call your therapist and re-schedule your appointment as early as possible to accommodate their time and schedules or consider Teletherapy/Telepsychology.  

Teletherapy/Telepsychology During the Crisis

During the Covid-19 crisis, the importance of social distancing has been identified as critical in slowing the spread of the disease.  Teletherapy/Telepsychology (T/T) is one highly effective means of accomplishing this during therapy.  An individual can continue to work on their personal issues from the safety of their home.  There is no loss of progress in moving forward with developing positive self-esteem, alleviating anxiety and increasing one's happiness.  Setting up the system on your phone, I-pad or computer is easy.  

What is T/T?  T/T sessions can only be used after at least 1 in-person visit has been conducted. T/T may be used exclusively for Covid-19 crisis visits or blended with combinations of in-person and T/T visits.  It can be tailored to the needs of the client and the changes in the Covid-19 crisis.  Video-conferencing is a real-time two-way interactive audio and visual technology that enables therapists to provide mental health services remotely.  Treatment delivery via video-conferencing may be a preferred method due to convenience, distance or other circumstances.  Arundel Psychological has a definite preference for in-person meetings but will leave options open to accommodate the unusual needs of a Covid-19 crisis and client.   

To use T/T:

1.  Client's must be knowledgeable of specific policies that are most safe, ethical and wise when choosing to use T/T.  Please down load the policy statement below to review this information and send back a signed copy by email, scan, text message or fax (410-987-4710 attention Steve Evans). Be aware that all policies outlined in the original APA Policy Statement, previously signed, are still in effect and also apply to T/T services.  

2.  The client always has a right to withhold or withdraw consent for T/T at any time without any impact on their right to future care or treatment.  

3,  The client understands they may benefit from T/T in the same manner as face-to-face services, but that results can never be guaranteed in either format.  

4.  Always check your out-of-network insurance benefits with the worksheet below to ensure you are eligible for reimbursements.  Call Lisa Grant, 410-987-2031, with any questions.


Please Review, Sign and Return this Policy Statement on T/T

Checking you Insurance Benefits for Teletherapy (pdf)


Teletherapy - Teleppsychology Policy Statement (pdf)


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Press for Training Video

Please make use of this easy to follow You-Tube video, put out by Doxy.me, to make your experience as simple and easy as possible.  Visit the Doxy.me website for in-depth information of the process.  

Link to Parent Discussing Covid-19 with your children

For tips on discussing the Covid-19 Crisis with your children please check out the link below.  It is important that they know information in way that reduces anxiety  

Teen Group Beginning February 2020


Teen Group - Thursday Nights 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

• Connect with peers and gain support

• Explore typical teen experiences: school pressure, personal identity development, emotional challenges, self esteem, body image, relationships

• Practice healthy communication

• Learn positive coping skills and gain resilience!

Contact Corinne Kneis for more information

Email: CorinneKneis1@gmail.com

Phone: 410-302-4038